We're finding innovative ways to optimise performance across transport and logistic networks

Finding efficiencies and innovative ways to optimise performance across transport and logistic networks is a challenge we’ve been helping clients overcome for more than 10 years.

As Australia’s population increases, so does the demand on the nation’s transport and logistics networks. With this demand comes a focus on reducing variability and congestion, improving passenger experience and improving asset uptime. For more than 10 years Modis has been the driving force behind some of the industry’s most innovative and disruptive approaches, from mobility and predictive analytics to supply chain optimisation and geospatial technologies.

We’re talking about game-changing, client-centred innovations, including Remote Operation Centres, Optimisation, Predictive Maintenance, Electronic Train Graphs and IoT.

The problems we solve

Our first-hand experience in Australia’s road, rail, port, intermodal and marine sectors means we have an intimate understanding of, and ability to solve the challenges our clients and the industry face, including how to:

  • Manage the convergence of IT and OT operations
  • Define and develop Concept of Operations
  • Predict Asset failure
  • Optimise day of operations schedule to reduce schedule variability
  • Manage a geographically diverse workforce
  • Transition legacy systems to manage increasing operational complexity
  • Empowering field based employees with digital mobile solutions

How we solve them

Whatever the challenge, we have the industry knowledge and technical expertise to develop and implement solutions that match your needs and deliver tangible benefits and value:

  • Business intelligence and analytics. Gather and make sense of the information across your organisation to assess performance, isolate bottlenecks and predict performance.
  • Integration. Optimise performance with a reliable, scalable approach to integrating information across your organisation and sharing it with your partners.
  • Application modernisation. Evolve your legacy systems or build a new application suite that accommodates increasing complexity and actively supports the growth of your business.
  • Architecture. Simplify the complexity of your IT & OT landscape to reduce costs and allow your organisation to leverage the invaluable data and information within your company.
  • Mobility. Embrace mobile working through smart phones and tablets to connect your people, enable remote working and optimise productivity and efficiencies organisation-wide.
  • Analysis and change. Identify the key business and technological challenges facing your organisation and ensure the solutions you deploy are the most appropriate options to meet the needs of your people and your strategic business objectives.

Our clients include:

  • Sydney Trains
  • Transport for NSW
  • Queensland Rail
  • WA Department of Transport
  • BHP Billiton
  • Rio Tinto
  • Aurizon
  • QUBE Holdings
  • Hutchison Ports

How Modis can help

With service excellence our focus, our solutions connect you with the world’s smartest minds, to assist with the development and delivery of your products or services. 

  • Analytics
  • Automation and AI
  • Application Modernisation
  • Business Analytics
  • Cloud
  • Systems Integration
  • Microsoft
  • Mobility