Smart Environment: iComfort Covid 19 - Contact Tracing

The innovative solution makes your office a safer place to work

Make way for the new normal

One of the most important and delicate aspects of the pandemic-induced new normal entails getting people back to work in compliance with infection prevention rules while protecting not only their health but also their mental and physical well-being.
The Modis and iComfort Smart Environment  is an innovative, customisable digital solution which delivers detailed information on workspace capacity, providing a timely assessment of limitations and opportunities to effectively adapt common spaces. Smart Environment technology lets you build your workspace by choosing the most relevant parameters for your premises. 

IComfort Covid19 – Contact Tracing solution

Safety, discretion, reliability

The iComfort Covid19 - Contact Tracing module is high-tech Modis solution that helps companies ensure proper social distancing at the workplace by allowing them to detect close encounters in advance using intelligent tagging, storing and managing potential contact chains quickly and intuitively.

Dispositivo contact tracing

How it works:

  • Every employee is given a tag, a wearable Bluetooth device, such as a bracelet or key ring, capable of gathering information on the user's relative distance. For the sake of worker privacy, the employee's absolute position is not recorded
  • Depending on the system configuration, the tag vibrates or emits a sound when distancing is not observed
  • Tags can store up to roughly 5,000 contacts
  • Bluetooth Low Energy concentrators placed at selected transit points, so as not to interfere with personal space, enable contact tracing and encrypted storage in the central database
  • The antennas also monitor the battery status of individual tags in real time
  • The data collection procedure is rendered completely secure and anonymous by generating a cryptographic key pair
  • During a health investigation, the employee or authorised agent hands over the private key received with the tag to decrypt the data collected in the device and therefore reconstruct the contacts to identify at-risk contacts.

Make your company a safe place to work, choose iComfort's Covid19 - Contact Tracing* module. Manage distancing data and information better while fully respecting the privacy of your employees.

Mix dispositivo contact tracing

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