Innovation and R&D

Modis promotes the implementation of innovation and business development processes.

Modis has experience creating and managing regional and national funding tender calls, where the main objectives are to promote and support research, development and innovation.  Modis combines its technical and scientific abilities with the skills necessary to participate in tender calls for subsidised European research projects.  It transforms business ideas into winning market projects, working with universities, research institutes and other innovative companies according to open innovation principles.

European projects and subsidised funding.


Faced with a complex European funding system and increasingly competitive markets, professionals who can efficiently manage the project budget are needed.

Modis offers technical help to access the main funding sources for innovation and R&D projects. 

Our partners have two advantages: 

  • They see Innovative ideas funded, which expand services.
  • They benefit from tax credits for activities classified as industrial research and experimental development.

The activities need strong networking.  We work closely with research institutes, universities and innovative companies following open innovation principles.

Our services include:

  • Analysis: business studies to research ad hoc funding 
  • Networking: identification of national and international partners for tender participation
  • Project presentation support during the project proposal preparation phase, monitoring progress and ensuring the correct project financial and organisational planning
  • Document preparation support: reporting assistance following project guidelines